Our 6-week, 6-hour long ASC course gives students with ASC the opportunity to engage in a coding experience that is tailored to their needs through the course's delivery and format. 


The course teaches Python and is usually run in hour-long session to ensure optimum concentration levels are maintained. However, we are aware that the needs of different children vary and so are flexible on lesson duration.


Codex aims to ensure that all ASC lessons focus on our USP of an individualistic approach to teaching, and therefore we have a maximum student to teacher ration of 2:1, to ensure that the teachers are able to tailor their teaching style to their student to enhance their learning experience.

At Codex, although we have adapted our courses so that they are suitable for people with ASC, the format of them means that they offer benefits even when teaching students who are without ASC.


This means we can also offer our innovative courses to students without ASC, enabling everyone to have the chance to learn new skills in a fun, immersive way.


These courses will also follow the 6-week, 6-lesson package format.


For our Non-ASC courses, we are able to offer the course to a larger cohort of students, catering to your school's specific demand.



*Limited availability, Enquiries may be made.



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